Always make sure to keep your tooth loss in check. If you have any lost or missing teeth or are scheduled for a tooth extraction in the near future, it is important to have an artificial backup set in your mouth as soon as possible. Leaving an empty gap in your mouth can cause various oral health issues including bacteria buildup and potential movement and slippage of other teeth.

Replacing your missing teeth doesn’t have to be a chore, but there are a few services you need to consider:

– Dental bridges are terrific artificial tooth replacements that are permanent and can fill the gap left behind by missing teeth, with various materials, often consisting of porcelain, to mimic the look and functionality of normal teeth. Bridges are held in place by latching onto nearby teeth and implants and are an exceptional tooth replacement procedure if your jaw is not strong enough to support dental implants.

– Dental implants are terrific artificial tooth replacements that are permanent and are drilled directly into the jawbone and are often regarded as the most effective treatment method for replacing teeth. Dental implants are extremely durable and can be built to an almost identical look and functionality of any teeth that have been lost.

– Dentures are terrific artificial tooth replacements that are both removable and temporary and can help replace the lost functionality of teeth. Dentures come be built as either partial dentures, which are used to replace a few missing teeth at a time, and complete dentures, which can be crafted to replace entire rows of teeth.

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