Participating in athletic activities and contact sports increases the chances that you could suffer cracks, fractures and knocked out teeth. In a study conducted by the American Dental Association up to 18% of all dental injuries to males were maxillofacial. The cost to replace these teeth was estimated at nearly $500 million.

Unfortunately many athletes complain about store bought mouth guards fitting poorly and making it hard to breathe. This is especially true for stock mouth guards as well boil and bite mouth guards. This can actually drive some athletes to choose not to wear a mouth guard.

Fortunately your dentist can fit you for a custom mouth guard. These pieces are specifically designed to match your teeth for comfort, while opening up breathing. They are made from a custom thermoplastic material that is known for being very durable. With proper care they can last for several years.

There is also research that has found a decrease in the incidence of sports related concussions for athletes that were wearing custom mouth guards.

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