Electric toothbrushes and their replacement parts are more expensive than buying manual toothbrushes. However, they do provide a greater clean and are excellent for individuals who are not meticulous when brushing their teeth. Here is a guide to electric toothbrushes that will help you to choose a toothbrush that suits your specific needs.

If You Need Extra Monitoring

An electric toothbrush with a timer is a great option for those who need help brushing their teeth for the full recommended two minutes. These timers are generally in 30 second segments, which allows you to pay equal attention each side, as well as the top and bottom of your mouth.

For Your Children

If your child is in need of a toothbrush, we recommend an electric toothbrush designed specifically for children. These toothbrushes are smaller and are more colorful to make brushing teeth easy and fun. Always check whether the toothbrush you decide on has soft bristles for your children, so to not damage their gums or tooth enamel.

If You Don’t Like Brushing Your Teeth

Rotating-oscillating electric toothbrush heads, the type that quickly spin in a circle, get the job done and require you to only move the brush around your mouth. Since the brush head spins at 360 degree turns, the toothbrush head cleans all sides of the tooth without you having to move the toothbrush from side to side. If you do not like the task of brushing your teeth, these toothbrushes make the job easier as all you have to do is move the toothbrush around your mouth to ensure all your teeth are cleaned.

If You Brush Too Hard

Some electric toothbrushes have a pressure sensitivity feature that tells you when you are placing too much pressure on your teeth. This feature is perfect to prevent any damage to the gums or tooth enamel.

If You have Sensitive Teeth or Gums

To avoid aggravating your teeth or gums when you brush your teeth, consider trying a completely silicone electric toothbrush. The soft silicone bristles gently rub against gums and teeth rather than scrubbing them clean, like a normal toothbrush.

If You have Noise Sensitivities

There will always be some sound when you use electric toothbrushes, however, there are some brands that are quieter than others. Look for toothbrushes that have ‘reduced noise’ on the package and have a fewer number of strokes per minute.

If you Need a Toothbrush for Travel

Frequent travellers may consider buying more compact electric toothbrushes that are pocket size and have a small travelling case, in which the toothbrush can also charge itself. When purchasing a more compact electric toothbrush, rather buy the toothbrush with the highest number of brush strokes per minute to make sure you aren’t sacrificing quality of cleaning for space.

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