Everyone knows that soda is bad for them, but it’s hard not to drink it anyway. Soda is not only bad for your overall health, but your teeth as well. The phosphoric acid weakens your bones and teeth. High fructose corn syrup is a concentrated form of sugar, which increases fat and cholesterol and makes you hungry. Food dyes, like the caramel color in soda, can cause impaired brain function, hyperactive behavior, and difficulty focusing. The caramel color serves no other purpose than cosmetic, as it doesn’t add flavor. Caramel color may also be tainted with carcinogens. Diet soda has artificial sweeteners, and when digested, aspartame breaks down into formaldehyde.

Soda may not be the best choice for your health and teeth, but there are wonderful alternatives. Of course, drinking water will always be the best option; however, water can be boring. To make it more exciting, you can infuse water with fruit to get great flavor without compromising your health. Fruit is a great way to infuse your water with great tasting, fruity flavor.

You can infuse your water with any fruit you would like (bananas aren’t recommended) and the riper the fruit is, the sweeter your water will be. You can also add herbs for flavor if you prefer. Fill a pitcher with your fruit, herbs, ice, and water. The longer you let it infuse, the more flavor your water will have. 2 to 24 hours is ideal, depending on your preference.

Taking care of your overall health really affects your oral health, so take care of yourself!