Right now laser dentistry is one of the most important new trends sweeping the world of dentistry. Only the most established and technologically informed dentists are in a position to provide a full range of laser dentistry services, but they are definitely worth it! 

Conventional dental tools may be replaced by Laser dentistry in many instances. Lasers are capable of a much finer and more precise cut than older tools like scalpels, and they can also fulfill many other functions. Most people can have cavities cleaned out with laser, and 80-85% of the time this can be done without anesthetic or shots.

Laser dentistry is used in a variety of procedures, including treating hypersensitivity, treating tooth decay, gum disease and even whitening teeth

With any new technology, there’s bound to be some questions. Many patients have asked whether there are risks involved with laser dentistry. It’s important to be fully comfortable with any technology before you use it for medical care! Simply put, Dental Lasers are less risky than Conventional Tools.

Although there is a tiny risk of side effects involved in even the safest medical procedure, it’s important to weigh the risks and the benefits. A reputable dentist will strive each and every day to improve his or her skill-set and ensure that every tool is in perfect condition. Conventional tools, however, can scrape or cut sensitive tissue accidentally, leading to discomfort. Likewise, conventional medical tools must be sterilized after each use to control the possibility of infection. Medical lasers do not carry the same kinds of risks for patients.

There may be specific risks involved with certain procedures, and you should always speak to your dentist to be sure. On the whole though, dentistry has never been safer than it is now — and things are getting better by the day. So relax, and smile, Doctor Trevor Smith has virtually eliminated painful dentist visits with his state-of-the-art laser dentistry.