When your bridgework was originally installed, it was designed to stand the test of time. At the same time, extreme situations like a blow to the face, hard fall, or other accident can damage your dental bridge in Pleasant Grove, Utah.

If any part of your bridge is damaged or loose, or if you have a dull ache or sharp pain when chewing, it needs to be seen by Dr. G. Trevor Smith as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more likely the damaged bridge is to cause serious complications. In the interim, there are a few basic first aid and care considerations to keep in mind.

You need to resist the temptation to play with the bridge with your tongue or attempt to wiggle it. The more you manipulate it, the more likely you are to damage the bridge or one of the abutment teeth. If you have blood or debris in your mouth from a blow to the face, you can rinse it away with lukewarm salt water. Any other cleaning should be left to the dental professionals at our office.

If one of the two abutment teeth anchoring your bridge has been damaged, it will likely require a root canal. If the cement anchoring the bridge to the abutment teeth has been compromised, our dentist might be able to cement it back in place.

If your bridge is loose or otherwise damaged, call our office as soon as possible at 801.785.2574 to schedule an appointment.