On a basic level, a crown completely replaces the tooth enamel of a single tooth with an artificial material, such as gold alloys, base metals or porcelain. This effectively restores the full function and appearance of the tooth. There are several different reasons why Dr. Trevor Smith might recommend a crown.

Crowns are most often used to repair a large cavity or other significant area of tooth decay. This might also apply if a large filling was lost and a new area of decay set into the void.  If the decay is extensive, Dr. Trevor Smith might first need to perform a root canal to restore enough structure to secure a crown.

If a tooth has been badly chipped or fractured but the internal structures of the tooth remain intact, a crown can completely restore the damage. Crowns can also play a role in cosmetic dentistry. In fact, a porcelain crown is often called for to restore a tooth that is in your smile which lacks sufficient enamel to anchor a dental veneer.

If you have a damaged, decayed or otherwise unappealing tooth, please call our team at Trevor Smith Dental located in Pleasant Grove, Utah at 801.785.2574 to have the tooth examined and treated.  You might be delighted with our porcelain, tooth-colored crowns to enhance your smile!